Monday, October 27, 2008

What one Nightcatcher looks like

Here's what one Nightcatcher looks like. It's the only one that looks like this. There are 453 others that don't. You can look at it while I continue learning how to post stuff to a blog. Is that right? Did I say that right? The prepositions sound all wrong. I'm new at this.

This is Nightcatcher Number 349. It has a tiny diamond on top, mounted in gold, which is mounted to a glass cap, hand made by me, with a birch stopper attached.

There's some inlaid copper on the body of the piece. The body is turned from purple heart wood and finished with several coats of lacquer.

It also has a Pedigree.

All my Nightcatchers are hand made, one of a kind, signed, numbered, cataloged, and professionally photographed. About half of them have Pedigrees, which tell of their backgrounds, materials, dates, and sometimes humorous stories.

Of course, no one should own a Nightcatcher without also having The Official Instruction Manual to go with it. Forty-eight small pages of instructions, care, precautions, European adapters, etc. Some are leather covered and signed.

Oh, I've also made little performance stages for them. It gives them a chance to show off, and if you can't hear their tiny little voices, I've manufactured little tiny microphones so you can chat. When no one else is around.

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