Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nightcatcher Pedigrees

Here's Nightcatcher Number 33. Click to enlarge it.

Someone wondered one time, what's all this Nightcatcher stuff about? (It might have been me.) So in an effort to clarify it in my mind further, since I invented them, here's some more stuff. I do hope I'm listening this time. Just be warned that a clear mind is an empty mind. Clarified water can have no fish. And a clarified mind has no place to go.

But still.

Sometimes I start with an idea. Sometimes it grows into words. Sometimes it fleshes itself out with wood and other objects from the equivalent of my mother's button box. But inevitably the wood and words meet. This is about the time the Pedigree comes about.

Here's the Pedigree for
Nightcatcher Number 33.

Click on it to read it.

There's also an Official Instruction Manual that helps a lot. It tells how to properly catch a night, the ceremony involved, some pitfalls, what to do for adapters in Europe, and a bunch of other stuff. I'll put it up on my blog sometime soon.


mollypollyvelela said...

this is my favorite.

Fred Hinegardner said...

Thanks! I'm going to try to find some more wood like this. Lots of people like it, but it hasn't sold yet.