Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eleven Nightcatchers pose for a family portrait

(Click photo to enlarge)

Some Nightcatchers have quite a personality. Not a single one of 'em is dull. Hey, do you know how many dull people it takes to change a light bulb? One.
Okay, where was I? In case you're asking, I'll answer your question. Yes, the tallest Nightcatcher in this group photo does have a spark plug. It's the first time in civilized history that a spark plug and an antique honky-tonk piano have ever been this intimately acquainted. Comes with its own wrench. It should throw quite a spark into someone's romance.
All Nightcatchers have been thoroughly tested for their night-worthiness or they can't leave home. Test results are on file at the Home Office.

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