Saturday, November 1, 2008

M & M Bowl

Yes, it's an M & M Bowl. This one is full to the brim. Just think, now you can eat the whole bowlful and not feel guilty. I sold one to a diabetic one time, and he said I'd just made his day. Said he was going to call his wife immediately and tell her that he'd just eaten "a full bowl, rounded over, and when she starts screaming at me, I'm gonna laugh my (!) off."
I never heard the outcome.
Sometimes life is worth living.
This bowl is made of walnut with a copper inlay at the shoulder and a decorative burn ring at the foot. Handmade. Lacquer finish. M & M bowl... he-he. They're one of my inventions, loosely grouped under the heading Fredstuff. Comes with a bunch of words. I have six M & M bowls ranging from $20 to $100. The expensive one has a cap with genuine ruby in it. That one, of course, will only accept red M & M's.

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