Saturday, November 1, 2008

This tiny Nightcatcher is a necklace!

Nightcatcher Number 437 is part of a series of Nightcatchers made to be worn. Of course, I call the series, Nightwear. I had to, now, didn't I?
How much more romantic an evening can be when you catch part of the night and wear it proudly forever after.
It won't hold a lot of night particles, but it'll hold enough for a memory, and that's what counts.
This Nightcatcher is made of cocobolo, one of the finest woods ever, and is on black silk cord, accompanied by four wooden beads. It's signed, numbered, and cataloged.
The Official Instruction Manual tells how to catch a lovely night with your Nightcatcher. It explains the fun ceremony involved.
You'll have fun anticipating the night.
You'll have fun during the night.
You'll have fun catching the night.
You'll have fun wearing the night.
You'll have fun explaining to friends, when they ask, "What's that?"
You'll grin every time you think of what's inside.
Not a bad deal at all.
Hand made, one of a kind. $40.
Email me if you want it:

Capture the magic of the night!

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